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Our Sumerian ancestors didn’t picture gods who built them literate and advised them what to put in writing. Rather than make up gods, Sumerians observed, read and also touched Anunnaki as persons like them, however the Anunnaki stood taller and lived for a longer time.

radio show? Michael told him Of course, and that he’d actually been on it. The male went on expressing that there experienced just lately been a man on that show named David Sereda, who was speaking about a testimony from a Senior Scientist from Lockheed Martin, who’s name was Boyd Bushman[8].

The Anunnaki loosed plagues, nuclear bombs and other weapons of mass killing upon us. They forced mutually unintelligible languages and scripts upon us and withheld knowledge.

Adapa instructed Ka-in, “On your sin of your respective birthright you are deprived, but of the seed seven nations will occur. In the realm set aside

This stone column, enscribed with Adad’s bull, during the Chavin De Huacar’s middle constructing sticks through a gap in the floor above it. [

Nannar designed a number of Adapa’s descendants monks. The clergymen led rituals to the Earthlings and taught them to assist, obey and worship Nannar and the opposite Anunnaki as gods.

The Anunnaki’s tales in their continue to be on this planet right before they designed our ancestors, and what our check this site out forefathers why not check here directly saw imprinted us with the values from the Nibiran hierarchic, male-operate, learn-slave-enemy mentality.

This monolith in the primary creating engraved Chavin’s tales of figures with “human bodies and faces with feline palms, fangs or with wings” along with animals, birds, trees, gods emitting rocketlike rays, and geometric designs.”

 [John 5:45] This was diametrically against the Nicene Creed wherein Jesus is purported to arrive “to guage the living plus the dead.” Glenn commenced to website link find The explanations the church would intentionally obfuscate the terms of Jesus. Glenn identified answers from the development tale of the ancient Sumerians and its background of The Black Madonna and has written a number of books as the result of that search.

Sitchin states the megalithic builders of Tiahuancu, in lieu of the quite modern Incas, that crafted Cuzco, extensive just before Inca situations. “Among the list of Inca mastermasons made a decision to haul up a stone in which the first builders had dropped it.

: 248] Or, Nibiru by itself could’ve crossed involving Mars and Jupiter. In almost any circumstance, Earthlings’ dwelling typical worsened and we regressed to living in caves and within the bush. Every era’s lifestyle grew to become poorer.

Famine from drought struck Canaan when the twins matured. Isaac would’ve sent them to Egypt (wherever the Nile’s waters guarded the folks from famine) for brides but Enlil warned them to not cross the nonetheless lethally-radioactive Sinai to Egypt.

And when are you currently planning to halt the world and have off it, like you would probably a bus, for quite a while, to acquire stock of the experiences and in the issues before you decide to?”

Abraham and Isaac “arrived to your area god had informed him and Abraham crafted an altar there and organized the wood and sure his son Isaac and laid him on the altar atop the wood. Abraham stretched out his hand and took the knife to slay his son.”

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